CNU Holds the 2nd “Art Market·Beijing Forum”2015-10-21

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On October 17 and 18, the CNU held 2nd “Art Market·Beijing Forum”. The forum was co-organized by the College of Fine Art, Institute of Cultural Studies and Art Market magazine. This year’s forum had five topics, namely the “New Normals” and art market, co-creating “New Normals of Chinese Art Market”, “Artwork Marketing under the ‘Internet+’ Era”, “Exploration of Art Market Professionals Training Model”, “Mutual Connection and Communication Between Domestic and Overseas Art Market”, and “Investigation of Chinese Art Market”. The forum had a round-table conference as well.


On October 17, the opening ceremony of the forum was held at the CNU. The Secretary of Disciplinary Committee of CNU, Li Zhongqi, and Vice President, Qiu Yunhua attended the ceremony and addressed the audience. The College of Fine Art reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Art Market magazine and Today Art Museum. Representatives of the Dean’s Office, Art Market magazine and Today Art Museum signed the agreement.


Scholars and professors from auction companies and associations, Ministry of Culture, universities, art institutions, magazines and other art departments were present at the forum, having discussions around those five topics and the current situation and future development of the Chinese art market.


Around 30 representatives of the media including, CCTV Arts Channel, and CCTV Sinology Channel reported about the forum.