President Gong Huili Interprets General Education for Freshmen2015-10-21

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On October 19, President Gong Huili delivered a report based on the theme - “Re-read ‘General Education in a Free Society—Report of Harvard Committee’—From Core Courses to New Plan” for the freshmen of class of 2015 at Liangxiang campus. More than 300 freshmen were present there.


In the report, President Gong Huili comprehensively interpreted the status of development, basic ideas and trends of cutting-edge development. He stated that the uncertainty that globalization and technological revolution has brought out led core courses of the Harvard general education to evolve into new plans of the curriculum. A new curriculum system has been built up. Besides, he gave some tips to the freshmen for their future general education. Firstly, students should completely utilize all the resources at their disposal at the university, study effectively and enthusiastically. Secondly, students should be better at learning and educating themselves. Thirdly, he stressed the importance of a comprehensive reading and study of classics to improve the communication and thought of students through them. Fourthly, students should take an active part in extra-curricular activities. Lastly, an artistic taste should be developed and physical exercises should be incorporated into the students’ lives.