CNU Holds Mobilization Meeting for the Fourth Municipal Party Committee Inspection Group’s Special Visit2015-10-27

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According to the Municipal Party Committee’s unified deployment, the fourth municipal party committee inspection group has settled down in CNU for a special visit. On October 26, the CNU held a mobilization meeting for this special visit. The leader of the inspection group, Zhou Fengxia, the director of the inspection of the Municipal Party Committee Inspection Office, Qiao Xiemin, the deputy inspection group leader, Hu Wenshun and Qu’an, and all the other members attended the meeting. All university management team members, university leaders superior to the division level, some representatives of the Municipal Party, the Municipal People’s Congress and the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, retired directors from the last three years, some representatives of the democratic party, nonparty representatives, supervisors for the making and working of the Party in an upright and clean manner, representatives from the teachers’ congress and student representatives were also present at the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the university President, Gong Huili.

The group leader, Zhou Fengxia spoke at the meeting. She conveyed the gist of the Municipal Party Committee’s instruction for this inspection work and explained the significance of the inspection in view of strategic deployment of comprehensive and strong Party discipline. Besides, she circulated the requirements, duties, tasks, measures and arrangement related to the inspection.


Zhou Fengxia pointed that it was the mutual political responsibility of both the Municipal Party Committee inspection group and the University Party Committee. Leaders of all university management levels were required to enhance consciousness about being actively supervised actively; all leaders and staff should strength the initiative to cooperate with the inspection team and sketch overall plans and ensure a synergy between the inspection work and university work, all factors taken into consideration.. Furthermore, the inspection group would fully execute supervision duty by adhering to principles, acting according to laws, connecting with people, being honest and upright, and conduct inspection with fairness and honesty.


At the meeting, the University Party Secretary, Zheng E addressed a speech. She pointed that this special inspection team is a “political test” for the clean and honest work construction and leaders’ self-discipline of the university’s Party, as well as attention and support to the university. The inspection would also improve the quality of management, as was necessary for development of the university. University leaders from all levels would cooperate with this team as a political responsibility and a compulsory duty, everyone involved with complete trust, firm support and active cooperation with the inspection group to successfully complete the Municipal Party Committee’s mission of inspection. Additionally, Zheng E also stated four requirements for all university staff. First, everyone should enhance political consciousness to realize the importance of the inspection. Second, everyone should embrace a proper attitude to cooperate with the inspection work. Third, everyone should be responsible for the problems discovered by the inspection and correct them. Last but not the least, everyone should make an overall plan for the inspection, looking at it as an opportunity for the development of the university.