Associate Professor Wei Ping from College of Education Published Publishes Astounding Research Result2015-10-08

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Recently, Associate Professor Wei Ping and her team from the College of Education published a finding (Reward expectation regulates brain responses to task-relevant and task-irrelevant emotional words: ERP evidence) in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN, the Impact Factor is 7.372, and the Five-year Impact Factor is 7.332), an international authoritative psychology and cognitive neuroscience journal. This research adopted potential event-related techniques, investigating how human brains process task-related and task-unrelated negative vocabulary and how it is adjusted by reward mechanism. This subject of interaction between the brain reward mechanism and execution function is a flaming topic in the world of research. By manipulating emotional information, this finding implies that early negative waves at the back of brain and the P3 component of the central line play an important role in the interaction. This research was independently conducted by Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory, “Learning and Cognition” at the CNU.