CNU Holds a Work Meeting on Teaching for the New Semester2015-09-30

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On September 25, CNU held a work meeting on teaching for the new semester. Vice President Meng Fanhua attended and addressed the meeting. Associate Deans of every teaching unit, teaching secretary, chief of undergraduate teaching supervision and staff from the Dean’s Office were present at the meeting as well.


The meeting proposed three points. One that the education and teaching philosophy should be updated to build a teaching model whereby the class concentrates on students’ self-study. Second, of being in sync with the flow of development in education, outstanding teachers with excellent teaching achievement would be encouraged to carry out MOOC. Finally, globalization should be further promoted, ideas further liberated, and cultivation of talent, cultivation further motivated. Furthermore, three explanations of the new semester’s key teaching schedule were given. First of all, according to Beijing Municipality’s unified deployment, 2015 High-level Talent Cross Cultivation Plan would be fully launched. To organize “Cross Cultivation” (CNU has joint programs with other domestic top level universities), “Overseas Cultivation” (CNU sends students to overseas high-end universities for cultivation) and “Project-oriented Cultivation” programs (“Project-oriented Cultivation” contains 3 projects. The first project is the Beijing college student final year project or paper. The second project is Beijing college student comprehensive research training project, which is open for Beijing municipal universities. The third project is opening and sharing teaching experiments among those universities in Beijing which are affiliated to the Ministry of Education and several top universities affiliated to Beijing Municipality. Expenses for “Project-oriented Cultivation” programs are provided by Beijing municipal government or through other donations. This is expenditure counted into the annual budget of municipal universities and other related units. The expense will be accounted for separately and specifically only for this purpose. It cannot be embezzled. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance would review and evaluate the program and its expenditure. These three programs are all subordinated to Beijing Municipal Government.), CNU would cooperate with domestic and overseas universities and related communities, ensuring that there is adherence to specified guidelines, staff in position and efficient work. Secondly, complying with the principle of “Application-motivated, Practice-oriented” and centering on students’ self-study, the CNU would promote the development and application of MOOC. This approach would integrate high-quality teaching and technical resources, simultaneously developing and learning to realize multiform application and sharing of courses and platforms. This is also an exploration of the new teaching model, namely, “Internet + University Education”. Thirdly, there was further improvement called for in the system of curriculum of general education, mainly focusing on the development of art education courses, such as Music, Fine Art, Calligraphy and Public Speech.