CNU Holds Seminar on Scientific Research Work2015-09-28

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On September 25, the CNU held a seminar on scientific research work. The theme of the seminar was to strive for constructing some world-class disciplines by seizing the right opportunities and utilizing CNU’s pedagogical specialty. Vice President Zhou Jianshe attended the seminar and addressed the audience. Supervisors in charge of scientific research work from all faculties and some staff from the postgraduate school also attended the seminar.


In accordance with the requirements of the Central Government and the Beijing Municipal Government, the seminar planned its scientific research work focused on how to construct some world-class disciplines. To start with, the 13th five-year discipline construction should be well-planned, the path of discipline development should be simplified, the key points of the construction should be highlighted, the development platform should be established, the connection between disciplines should be strengthened and the construction results should be emphasized. Secondly, advanced research projects should be completed with high quality to meet the expectation. Thirdly, platform construction should be carried forward. Specifically speaking, research on teacher education should be promoted, focusing on cultivation of talent, a world-class disciplined group fostering should be promoted especially centering on discipline construction and the social service research should be promoted centering on the construction of integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.