Improving Teachers’ Professional Ethics and Organizing “Four Haves” for Good Teachers Event2015-09-10

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In order to promote the image of teachers with good professional ethics and develop “Four Haves” for good teachers, CNU organized a symposium inviting nation-wide model teachers, best teaching staff, representatives of students’ advisors and student representatives. Discussions were held on how to become a “Four Haves” teacher. At the symposium, a total of nine nation-wide model teachers and best teaching staff demonstrated the real meaning of professionalism by their own behavior. They shared their understanding on how to become a “Four Haves” teacher and how to impart knowledge and educate people.


On September 8th , the CNU held “Four Haves” Teachers’ Forum. Four people including nation-wide model teachers and best teaching staffs spoke and  Li Jianyu made the key-note address. A total number of over 400 representatives of students and teachers attended the forum.