CNU Meets Mid-Level Officials and Maps out Work for the New Semester2015-09-13

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On September 11th , CNU held a meeting with mid-level officials and mapped out the work for the new semester. The meeting was hosted by Party Secretary Zheng E.


At the meeting, Secretary Zheng E passed on key points made by Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Minister Yuan Guiren at the 25th Plenary Meeting of the Work Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Education. Ms. Zheng pointed out that the CNU would follow the state policy of “Four Comprehensives” and carefully study the important messages delivered at the meeting. To enhance the students’ innovative ability was the essential part of the comprehensive education reform. Also improve the quality of education, promote scientific growth of CNU, implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and contribute to building a country of innovation.


Principal Gong Huili mapped out the focus of work for this semester. He pointed out that the historical task of enhancing innovation in schools of higher education is both imperative and urgent. And equally important is to keep up with the times, focus on state strategy, take initiative and carry out the responsibility. Enhancing quality of education was the core mission. Innovation and entrepreneurship education will be a part of talent training, scientific research, cultural inheritance and innovation and global exchange and cooperation. He stressed the importance of campus security, construction ,sharing resources, close attention to new state policies, “Thirteenth Five-Year” Plan development, university regulations and PE.


Secretary Zheng E made requests to all school officials based on “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”. The Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC demanded further learning and discussions on the contents of the “Announcement” by learning lessons from “bad” examples. Ms. Zheng made four requests.


At the meeting, “Key Points of Work for the 1st Semester of 2015-2016” were handed out. The meeting also explained policies regarding base salary adjustment for employees of state-owned enterprises and reform in endowment insurance.