A New-Semester Planning Meeting Held by CNU’s Student Affairs Sector2015-09-18

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A New-Semester Planning Meeting was held on September 15th .Party Secretary Zheng E and Deputy Party Secretary Miao Jinxiang attended the meeting. Party committees of all institutes (departments), deputy party secretaries and persons in charge of relevant departments were all present at the meeting.


Deputy Party Secretary Miao Jinxiang made arrangements for the new semester in six major fields. Party Secretary Zheng E requested the student advisors to abide by three rules -first be clear about their duty, keep improving themselves and be a qualified student advisor. The advisors should set examples for the students through their own words and behavior as well as their own set of values. They should learn to focus on big pictures, think like the students and coordinate resources from all parties. Pay attention to big trend of the CNU, be aware of its development strategy and personnel growth plan and work efficiently.Second, to promote teachers’ learning and personnel growth.Student Affairs sector has its own strength and it should lay special emphasis on making the Teaching majors learn arts and improve their human nature. The Teaching majors should strive to enhance their own cultural and artistic values. Advisors should help facilitate a learning environment that is global;encourage students to learn English well so that they could compete better with others.  Third, advisors shall play an active role in improving the campus culture at the CNU. They would assist in building the campus culture and at the same time also carry out their job of ideological education. The campus culture should stress on cultural richness and human care based on the students’ interests and their characteristics.