3rd International Academic Seminar on Phenomenology and Education2015-09-21

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From 18th to the 20th September, the CNU held the 3rd International Academic Seminar on Phenomenology and Education in its campus. The Seminar was hosted by the Institute of Education. More than 100 experts and scholars from Peking University, Beijing Normal University and other national and international universities and research institutes attended this seminar. Vice Principal Zhou Jianshe participated in the event and addressed the audience.


The Seminar presented researches performed on Phenomenology and Education. This could help solve problems that are still puzzling China’s education sector. Participants believed that the Seminar helped on a few important issues. First, the Seminar helped participants better understand Phenomenology and Education in a more comprehensive and systematic manner. Second, it helped expand the scope and depth of research on Education. Third, it helped raise awareness among researchers and scholars on research in Education. Lastly, it generated more reflections on Phenomenology and Education and thus making a more favorable impact on China’s education research.