“2015 Science Year - Science Carnival” held by CNU Affiliated Schools Society2015-09-22

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On September 19th, ‘The 2015 Science Year - Science Carnival’ was held by CNU Affiliated Schools Society (hereafter referred to as CNU Society). Deputy party secretary Xu Zhihong and leaders from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Mentougou District Board of Education attended this event. Other attendees included 19 member schools from the CNU Society, teachers and students from Mentougou and Shunyi Districts as well as college representatives supporting the affiliate school constructions. The total  participants were well over 1200.


CNU Society has the CNU brand name and the universiy’s expertise to help it, facilitate cooperation between CNU and its affiliated primary and secondary schools, to establish high-quality schools with clear distinctions and to foster a holistic and individual growth of all its students. To meet the demand of an enhanced curriculum reform, to explore the practice of course diversification based on fair education and to strengthen interschool exchange in science and social practice, the CNU Society has launched a comprehensive research on curriculum and demonstration of evaluation of teaching, students’ demonstration in science and technology and construction of teaching and research group. “Science Carnival” is one of the core events during the year. This year’s Science Carnival consists of two sections, namely “CNU Affiliated School Students’ Forum” and “Exhibition of Science and Technology projects”. As the first student forum of the CNU Society, there will be 11 Science projects from 11 member schools. There will be five display zones set up for this project, including indoor, outdoor, robotics, CNU Science and Education Student Organization and Technological firms. Nearly 60 scientific experiments and/or social practice activities will be opened up to all teachers, students and their parents.