CNU Held the 17th “Join the Principal for Afternoon Tea”2015-09-24

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The Principal of the University, Mr. Gong Huili invited more than 50 students to join a talk on “Reading”. He spoke about the different methods of reading and how the students could develop better reading habits. He stated that he believed that education involves self study and reading is an important part of this process.  The undergraduate students should focus on books about their majors, especially the classics, during their term in college. This will ensure a successful completion of their course work. Students should think at different levels and think in depth and width. Meanwhile, students can learn to tap the knowledge and wisdom from books, manage their reading time effectively, make good use of their leisure time, promote self-discipline, enjoy reading in itself and appreciate the pleasures of reading. In addition, Mr. Gong also introduced the “2015 Book China and Beijing Reading Season” event jointly hosted by the State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government. Mr. Gong wished that both the teachers and students of CNU read not just more books but read good books, thus making “Book CNU” a possibility.