Commendations in the 13th International Paleolimnology Symposium for a student from the College of Resource Environment and Tourism2015-08-21

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The 13th IPS was held from August 3rd  to 7th . Professor Liu Xing Qi of the College of Resource Environment and Tourism and his students-a total team of 7 people, , attended this symposium. In the symposium, Postgraduate student Chen Yu’s poster showing “the sedimentary process and mechanism of varves from Lake Kusai in the Hoh Xil area, northern Tibetan Plateau” won the best poster presentation prize. The president of IPA Professor John Smol presented the prize to Chen Yu.


This symposium was held by the International Paleolimnology Association. The Key Laboratory of Western China's Environmental Systems(Ministry of Education), founded by the College of Resource Environment of Lanzhou University and The State Key Laboratory of Lake Science and Environment, founded by the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly hosted this symposium. This is the first time that China and also the first time that Asia hosted the IPS. There were 6 plenary presentations, 128 sessions of oral presentations and dozens of poster presentations conducted in this symposium. And more than 300 scientists from China, America, Canada, German and many other countries and regions were involved.


During the Symposium, centering on a theme of “seeing climate change from the perspective of ancient lakes”, scientists discussed the latest issues and problems about ancient lakes and climate changes, offering professional observations and thoughts in response to questions like how to cope with the threats of climate change and how to evaluate and predict the future of climate change.