Seminar on History and Memories of World War II at the College of History2015-07-29

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The College of History successfully organized the event, “History and Memory”—A Seminar on the History of World War II on July 17th  and 18th . The World History Program and the Research Center of History of International Relations jointly hosted this event. About a hundred scholars from 8 Chinese universities and institutes including the Peking University and from international partner schools from the US, France, Malaysia and so on attended this seminar.  


The opening ceremony of this event was held on the 17th. The Vice President Zhou Jian She addressed the ceremony. Professor Qi Shi Rong from the College of History, the founding father of China’s study on World History, spoke about the historical status and function of China’s Resistance against Japanese aggression. The other scholars present also shared their thoughts on this issue.


Over 60 papers were submitted in this conference. The scholars were divided into 3 groups which had 15 discussions on seven major issues including “the Retrospect and Prospect of the study of World War II ”, “the narrative of the history of the World War II history” etc. 


This seminar concluded on the 18th. Mr. Zhang Chun Nian, researcher and retired head of the Institute of World History Research of Chinese Academy of Social Science, Professor Li Shi An, chairman of the Chinese Association of World Modern History, and Zhang Xiao Hua, the Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Association of World War II History, attended the closing ceremony and talked about issues like the documentation of Chinese WWII history, reflections on the responsibility of war , enhancing the study of WWII and so on.