Important findings on Cladistics published by a PhD Student from The College of Life Sciences2015-07-21

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Professor Ren Dong and his team published their latest findings— Phylogenetic analyses elucidate the inter-relationships of Pamphilioidea (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) —in the renowned evolutionary biological journal Cladistics . This paper is authored by a PHD student Wang Mei of the College of Life Sciences under the supervision of Professor Ren Dong.


‘Cladistics’, published by The Wiley Hennig Society, is one of the most reputed journals in the field of Evolutionary Biology. Its impact factor in year 2015 is 6.217. This is the first time that the university has scholars publishing in this journal as the first author. The other scholars who contributed in this research project are Guest Professor Dr. Shi Zong Gang, Alexandr P. Rasnitsyn researcher from Russian Academy of Science, Professor Michael J. Sharkey from the University of Kentucky and Dr. Li Hu from the China Agriculture University.