Math Professor becomes a “BHITSP 2014 Famous Teacher” September 7, 20152015-09-07

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Doctoral Supervisor and Professor He Shu Yuan from the College of Mathematical Science was honored asa “BHITSP 2014 Famous Teacher”.


This “Famous Teacher” award, under the Beijing High-end Innovative Talent Support Plan (BHITSP), is based on other Excellence in Teaching awards for higher education teachers in Beijing.Candidates nominated to the award commission must be current long-term teachers working in higher education institutions directly managed by the Beijing Municipal Government and teaching undergraduate, higher professional or higher vocational courses. In order to be eligible for the award, candidates should also be past recipients of National or Beijing Municipal-level Higher Education Excellence in Teaching Awards and have maintained no less than 96 teaching hours per academic year on an average for undergraduate courses in the past 6 academic years. The Beijing High-end Innovative Talent Support Plan intends to support 200 famous teachers in batches. In the year of 2014, 20 teachers were honored and received support.


Professor He is a famous statistician in China. He is the leader of a national-level teaching team responsible for development of undergraduate math foundation courses. His research project, ‘ The development and change of probability and statistics courses’ won the second place at the National Level Higher Education Teaching Achievements Awards in 2009. The textbooks Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory edited by He have won national-level recognition of “Supreme Textbook” among textbooks for general higher education respectively in 2007 and 2008. The course Mathematical Statistics was awarded as a National-level Outstanding Course in 2006. In addition, He has received the honor of “National Higher Education Excellent Core Teacher” in 2002 and has been awarded the Ninth Beijing Higher Education Excellence in Teaching Awards.