Performance of Teachers and Students lauded in the Second National Military Training Camp2015-08-25

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The Second National Military Training Camp was organized from July 31st to August 11th. The Beijing team won the prizes for the Best Team Prize and for Excellent Organization during this camp. The Beijing team comprised of 6 undergraduate students from the 2013 cohort. The team won the first prize in the Small Arms Firing contest, the second prize in the Atlas Reading and Application contest, the third prize in the Radio direction-finding contest and the Military Theory contest, and the prize for the most commendable team in the BufuQuan contest and the ‘battle field medical aids’ contest. Song Zi Yi from the College of Political Science and Law and Wang Yan from the College of Primary Education were both honored with the title of “Best Shooter” as well as the title of “Outstanding Student”. These students scored 46 rings and 45 rings respectively for five rounds in the Small Arms Firing contest.


The camp was completed with successful participation from 400 members of teams from 32 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.