“National Teaching Model” Awardees, Special Post Teachers Visitthe University and Meet Teachers and Students2015-09-09

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On September 6th, the University organized a forum for teachers and students to meet the “National Teaching Model” awardees and some special post teachers and to have a discussion on “four-good-qualities of a teacher” (a concept raised by President Xi recently). Officials from the Department of Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education also attended this event.


Nine National Teaching Models and special post teachers, including Mr. Xiong Zhao Cai the Miao-Chinese bilingual teacher from Shangnong Primary School in Donggan Township of Malipo County in Yunnan Province and Mr. Shen Qui Yuan from Zhiqing Hope Primary School in Heshi Township of Xiushui County in Jiangxi Province and others, shared their stories and thoughts on what are the  “four good qualities of a teacher”. Their stories and anecdotes deeply moved and encouraged the present teachers and students.