Two Professors honored by The Eleventh Beijing Higher Education Excellence in Teaching Awards2015-09-08

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The University recommended candidates for the awards as per the “notice by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission on organizing The Eleventh Beijing Higher Education Excellence in Teaching Awards” (Beijing Higher Education No.4 (2015)). Recently, it has been confirmed that Doctorial Supervisor and Professor Wang Shu Qin from the College of Political Science and Law and Professor Luo Li Ming from the College of Information Engineering have won these awards for excellence in teaching.


Professor Wang Shu Qin is one of the Leaders of Key Disciplines in Beijing, the chief expert of the National Social Science Fund for supervising the tender invitation process for major projects, beneficiary of special Government allowances of the State Council, one of “The Great Wall Scholars” of Beijing, an awardee of Excellent Teacher in Beijing , a member of the Beijing project on “Cultivation of A Hundred Pan-Century Theoretical Talents”, and a “Young Core Teacher” of tertiary schools directly managed by the Beijing Municipal Government. She has led three projects funded by the National Social Science Funds and has received the second place at the Ninth Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Excellence Awards, the second place at the National Teaching Excellence Awards and the first place at the Higher Education of Beijing City Teaching Excellence Awards.    


Dr. Luo Li Ming is the expert leader of Capital Normal University for the National Special Major—“Software Engineering”, a member of the Beijing Outstanding Courses and Excellent teaching team, a member of the textbook development project (Database Development with Practical Examples) under the Beijing Higher Education Supreme Textbook program and a member of the group of experts for the Beijing Information Technology Construction program. Dr. Luo is a devoted researcher working on the structure of software systems and the application of IT in education. In the last three years, Dr. Luo has led horizontal research projects with a total funding amounting to almost 3 million RMB and has been responsible for six national level and city level research projects. Dr. Luo was also awarded the third place at the Beijing Technology Advancement Awards in 2013.


Till date, a total of 19 teachers from the university have received this award.