A Special Report: Visit of Secretary Gou Zhongwen to University2015-09-28

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On the 23rd of  September, standing member of the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee and  Secretary of the Municipal Education Committee Mr. Gou Zhongwen visited and delivered the theme report at the Capital Normal University. The audience numbering over 300 included the University party, administrative leaders, directors of the functional departments, school (departmental) party and administrative personnel, students and teachers.. The meeting was chaired by the university party Secretary, Zheng E.

The report by the Secretary was titled, “Need for intensive and upgraded teacher training for a modern and educated capital”.   It illustrated  the need for innovative teacher training, which would contribute to the “Chinese dream” and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. And that would be  in the following six aspects- A good teachers’ “four haves” pointing towards a clear direction for teacher training, development of DT (data) times’ in all aspects to ensure new challenges in teacher training, understanding of children and youth to adapt to the ecology of modern education, complete achievement of modernization of education and raising the standards of teacher training and  and in depth evolution of the talent training mode and improvement in the teacher training level in elementary education. He pointed out that education is the most important means in the path of realizing the “Chinese dream”; it is of utmost importance in people's livelihood, it bears testimonial to the very foundation of a well-off(do you mean economically independent?) society. it He stressed the role of education in national rejuvenation and social progress.  Mr. Guo Shuwen insisted that a long-term education plan should be education-oriented and teacher-centered. He emphasized that a teacher is the primary resource of education and in order to build up a high quality professional faculty, we must first strengthen the training of the teachers . He pointed out the “four haves” of the standards for a good teacher : firstly, to have ideals and beliefs which help students to build, chase and realize their dreams,; secondly, to have nobility and morals in teaching whereby establishing a foundation of virtue.; Thirdly, having a solid pool of knowledge which would enable them to sprinkle a few drops or share a bowlful to their students! And lastly to have a caring heart to foster, inspire and spread love. Secretary Gou Zhongwen listed the changes in learning models and methods, relationship between teaching and learning and key points of talent training from the industrial age to the information age. Shuwen pointed out that education should carry out corresponsive(what does this mean?) reforms from a template mode to individualized mode and that teaching should not only focus on textbook knowledge but should also the cultivation of the learning process and methods and value of emotional attitude. Secretary Gou Zhongwen emphatically analyzed the personality and cognitive changes of children in the new era. Children who grow up with the Internet and require educators to make appropriate changes and construct ecological classes in the five dimensions of happiness, equality, respect, tolerance and critique. He introduced the general approach and basic principals of the reform of comprehensively deepening the capital’s(do you mean Beijing?) overall elementary education system. This included a, need to further improve the talent training mode, promote a healthy growth of students, modify the exam and admission system, promote overall and individual development in students propose new policies with  new requirements in education, ensure  the strengthening of education of teachers’ capacities in "training IQ, fostering IQ, and cultivating appassionato" and to train teachers with enhanced  quality and talents at par with professional training standards. Secretary Gou Zhongwen stressed that the Capital Normal University being the only comprehensive normal university at the municipal level; its teacher training served to be the  sole and most significant tie with the economic and social development in the capital.  Its most important mission being that of serving the capital’s strategic positioning and its most striking feature and core competitiveness.  The gist of it being that the quality of undergraduate education at the Capital Normal University to a large extent would affect the capital’s future elementary education. Secretary Gou Zhongwen urged the Capital Normal University to adhere to its special features, make the training of high quality teachers for the country, as its core mission and strive to be a  world-class university in the field of education.

Secretary Zheng E expressed her gratitude to Sectary Gou Zhongwen. She expressed that Sectary Gou Zhongwen, stood at the threshold of realizing the “Chinese dream” and the great rejuvenation of the nation itself. He, had elevated the requirements from the six aspects by setting the "four haves" as standards for ‘a good teacher’. Secretary Gou Zhongwen clarified the new situations and tasks that were currently employed in enchancing the comprehensive education reforms and pointed out development of the DT times in great detail, changes presented by the children and youth’s cognition and new opportunities and challenges that were being faced presently. Secretary Gou Zhongwen also shared his consideration and understanding of the keywords of ‘education’, ‘teaching’, ‘teacher’, ‘student’, ‘learning’ and ‘practice’. Secretary Zheng E directed each school (department) and section to seriously organize the study and fully understand this report, integrate and advance the practical work at the university, school (department) and student level and put Sectary Gou Zhongwen’s requirements into practice. Secretary Zheng E hoped that all the faculty and students would work together, consistently use the improved features of the training methodology)and ensure that all faculty and teachers at the university meet the “four haves” ‘good teacher’ standards, be responsible in their undertakings and contribute our wisdom and strength to further enhance the quality of talent training and serve the capital’s elementary education to the best of their abilities.