The University Held A Welcome Ceremony for Freshmen Admitted in 20152015-09-09

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The university organized a welcome ceremony for freshmen admitted in 2015 on September 8th. The Party Secretary Mr. Zheng E, the Principal of the University Principal Mr. Gong Hui Li, The Deputy Party Secretary Mr. Miao Jin Xiang and Xu Zhi-Hong, the Discipline Commission Secretary Mr. Li zhong-Qi, and the Vice Principals- Mr. Zhou Jian She, Mr. Meng Fan Hua, Mr. Qiu Yun Hua and Mr. Li You Zeng attended this ceremony. The management of each faculty and department, school counselors, teachers, and all the 2015-admitted freshmen were present at the event. The Deputy Party Secretary Mr. Miao Jin Xiang presided over the ceremony. 


Principal Gong addressed the audience. He congratulated and welcomed the freshmen from all over the country on behalf of all the teachers, supporting staff and all the other students of the school. He pointed out that one’s college time is the splendid summer in one’s life, when hopes and boundless possibilities are growing. He remarked that ones college life is like a splendid summer when one nurtures hopes and unlimited possibilities. Every freshman should be clear about how he wants his college life to be. He suggested these three things for the first year students: firstly, to jointly build a devoting learning environment and at the same time to encourage and learn from each other and to maintain mutual tolerance, so as to enjoy the beauty of intellectual exploration; secondly, to contribute to an immersive language-learning environment together for rightful reading, thinking and expression with a serious attitude of learning towards Chinese and other foreign languages; thirdly, to appreciate and utilize our school’s sports culture and to find one’s own way to exercise as a habit of regular exercise will bring lifelong benefit. Principal Gong wished the students all the best to freely enjoy their upcoming adventures, trials and tribulations and personal growth in the Capital Normal University and feel free to be their own role model.


The teachers’ representative, Professor Luo Li Ming from the College of Information Engineering, and the Alumni representative, Teng Kai Wei graduated from the School of History in 2013 and entered the History Department of Peking University in the same year pursuing a doctoral degree, gave speeches on the ceremony. The current students’ representative and the Vice President of the Student Union, Guo Chang from the Physics department 2012 cohort, and the freshmen’s representative, Tang Jia Hao from the School of Mathematical Sciences also spoke on the ceremony.  


Since the time the freshmen have entered the university, each unit, college, school, and department of the university have utilized their strengths to offer purposeful and effective orientation sessions to them- including school history and its current situation, knowledge of the Internet etc. All the freshmen will begin their studies and life in the Capital Normal University with a fresh new start.