The Third China Chanting Week kicks off2015-07-13

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On July 12th, our university held the opening ceremony for the 3rd China Chanting Week. This activity was organized by our university, as part of the 2015 Programs of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. This activity consisted of three meetings, including the Chanting Academic Exchange Conference of China, the Chanting Education Exchange Conference and the Chanting Education Observation Seminar of China.   


Vice president of Publicity Department of the CPC Wang Shiming, officials from the Leading Group Office of Supervision and Administration over the State-owned Assets of the Central Cultural Enterprises, Ministry of Education, Center for Synology Study and Communication as well as officials from our university, including Secretary of the Party Committee Zheng E, president Gong Huili, Vice President Zhou Jianshe, Shen Qianfan, Li Youzeng attended the ceremony. Over 1000 masters and theorists of traditional Chinese chanting verse participated in the meeting.


Vice President Wang Shiming gave a speech at the meeting. He elaborated the modern value of chanting art, its development and cultural meaning. He also explained the way to learn chanting and presented a verse himself.


Since 2012, many cities and universities in China have joined the research project of chanting education, led by the Center of Chinese Poem Study at the Capital Normal University, a project supported by National Social Science Foundation. During the opening ceremony, many teachers and researchers presented the situation of traditional chanting education in different areas in China. Besides, the association of traditional chanting from Capital Normal University gave a presentation of traditional chanting in mandarin Chinese.