Primary Education Institute Held Meeting on Reform Project (Training Primary School Teachers) from the Program of Training Outstanding Teachers by the Ministry of Education2015-07-07

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Between July 2 and July 3, a meeting was held on the reform project (training primary school teachers) from the program of training outstanding teachers by the Ministry of Education. The meeting was hosted by CNU. Present at the meeting were leaders from the Ministry of Education and those of the reform project from the program of training outstanding teachers, and experts like President Gong Huili. Administrators from 19 primary schools involved in training outstanding primary school teachers were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Zhiqiu, Secretary General of Supervision Committee on Training Primary School Teachers at Institutes of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education and Director of Primary Education Institute.


President Gong Huili addressed the importance of primary education at the opening ceremony. He pointed out problems and confusions in the process of training primary school teachers and their solutions. Wei Zhenshui, Director of Higher Education Press from the secretary office for the reform project of training outstanding teachers, said on behalf of the reform project office, that each and every organization responsible for the project must do solid work according to its own situation, either a school or a province, so as to consistently explore, search for, and sum up its own experience to facilitate the progress of the project. Deputy Director Ge Zhenjiang made some demands in his speech. He expects all relevant schools should focus on training countryside primary school teachers capable of teaching all subjects of learning on the basis of training outstanding primary school teachers with all subject teaching abilities. They should work out detailed plans to train countryside primary school teachers in order to enact the unfolding of the reform project from the program of training outstanding teachers.


At the meeting, representatives from 19 schools involved in the project briefed on their respective purposes, measures, ensuring conditions, plans and expectant outcomes in implementing the reform project from the program of training outstanding teachers. They addressed problems and challenges in the process of implementing the project. Around the three key notions of excellence, all subject of learning and countryside, the participating experts probed into issues with enrollment selection procedures, major set-ups, measures ensuring quality in talents-training and plans of training teachers from the countryside. Improvement suggestions were made at the meeting concerning the plans in the implementation of reform project by the 19 schools involved.