17 Programs from CNU Have Been Approved Eligible for 2015 National Social Sciences Foundation2015-06-30

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Recently, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science has published the review of programs eligible for the 2015 Social Sciences Foundation. As a result, 17 programs from CNU have been approved eligible including 1 important program, 14 general programs and 2 youth programs.


CNU has received 53 programs filed for approval this year including 4 important programs, 32 general programs and 17 youth programs. The approval rate for the programs is 32.1%.


The approved programs are divided according to the following institutions: 6 from History Institute, 4 from Institute of Liberal Arts, 3 from Institute of Politics and Law, and 1 for each of the institutes like Education Institute, Foreign Languages Institute, Management Institute and Institute for Environmental Resources. And the approved programs are divided according to majors: 4 on World History, 2 on the following majors like Law Science, Sociology, Chinese Literature and Foreign Literature, and 1 on the respective majors such as Politics Science, Management, Chinese History, Linguistics and Archaeology.