There Came into a Conclusion the Third Academic Forum on Global History & the One at the 10th Anniversary of the Set-up of the Research Center for Global History2015-06-26

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On June 21, there come into a conclusion the third academic forum on Global History and the one at the 10th anniversary of the set-up of the Research Center for Global History. Over 60 scholars were present at the forum from such higher institutions of learning like Peking University, Tsinghua University and Capital Normal University. 


At the opening ceremony, President Gong Huili offered his congratulations on the convening of the meeting. Prof. Liu Xincheng, Director of Global History Research Center, addressed the meeting on Civilization History and Global History, in which he elaborated on the establishment of Global History Research Center and voiced his expectations on the compiling of a general world history. A special topic discussion was undertaken at the forum on “Reminiscences and Reflections of Global History over the Past 10 Years”.


Academic exchange and discussion was conducted in 8 groups by 35 participants respectively in their own groups. The conference stood out with one of its special traits, eg. the set-up of the “Free Discussion” phase during which a discussion was facilitated by its participants around “How to Prompt the Research of Global History”.