The 2015 under-graduates graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony was held at CNU2015-06-24

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On June 23, the 2015 under-graduates graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony was held at CNU. All administrators of the university were present at the event including Party Secretary Zheng E, President Gong Huili, Deputy Party Secretary Miu Jinxiang, Li Zhongqi, secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission, Vice President Zhou Jianshe, He Yikun, Shen Qianfan, Meng Fanhua, Qiu Yunhua and Li Youzeng. Also present at the ceremony were the Party and administrative leaders from various institutes and departments, teacher representatives and alumini representatives as well as over 2200 under graduates. The event was chaired by Deputy Party Secretary Miu.

Vice President Meng Fanhua announced the report on qualification reviewing of graduates. After the assessment by the Degrees Review Panel of CNU, there were a total of 2283 graduates of 2015 who were conferred bachelor’s degrees of whom there were 820 with BA degrees, 88 with Bachelor of Philosophy degrees, 344 with Bachelor of Education degrees, 13 with Bachelor of Philosophy degrees, 37 with Bachelor of Economics degrees, 78 with Bachelor of Law degrees, 590 with Bachelor of Science degrees, 155 with Bachelor of Engineering degrees and 158 Bachelor of Management degrees. Vice President Shen Qianfan announced the decision on honoring Students of Honors. Of all graduates of 2015 at CNU, 227 Students of Honors were chosen at the Municipal level; 230 at the University level.

President Gong Huili expressed three hopes during his speech at the event: first and foremost he hopes that graduates should be thankful to everyone who has helped them including their parents, teachers and friends, and be responsible to themselves and assume responsibilities of families, society, state, and history; secondly, he hopes that graduates should treat perfection as a habit and achieve perfection in each and every aspect like studies, thinking, creation and cooperation; thirdly and lastly, he hopes that graduates should learn how to forgive and tolerate people and things down their road. They should be proud but not arrogant, they should try to change whatever that can be changed and also have the mindset to accept whatever that cannot be changed for the time being, and they should have the wisdom to tell these things apart. President Gong pointed out that each and every generation has its destiny and its youth. Just like President Xi Jinping says, each and every one of us has youth once in our lives. For now youth is being used for goal-achieving purposes while down the line of time it is for reminiscences. President Gong sincerely wishes all graduates a great future in their persistent pursuit of dreams.
Representatives of teachers, alumini, and graduates make speeches successively at the event.

Graduates from Fine Arts Institute created landscape paintings of the campus on this special occasion and gave the Alma Mater as a souvenir. After that, 36 representatives of honors students came on stage to express their great respect and heartfelt thanks to representatives of teachers and parents by presenting them with flowers and hugs. 

At the degrees awarding ceremony, administrators of the university gave each and every graduate degree certificate and had a picture taken with the graduate.