A high-level forum was held at CNU to set up comprehensive reform in basic education and teachers’ education in the capital city2015-06-18

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On June 17, a high-level forum was held at CNU to set up comprehensive reform in basic education and teachers’ education in the capital city. Present at the forum were leaders like Gou Zhongwen, member of the Municipal Party Committee and Party Secretary of the Municipal Education Work Committee, Gu Mingyuan, senior professor from Beijing Normal University, and member of National Education Advisory Committee, and He Jinsong, director of Beijing Institute of Education, and leaders of Education Work Committee and Education Committee, principals of middle and elementary schools from 16 districts and counties in Beijing. Also present at the forum were all university administrators, first-in-place leaders at middle levels, teachers and students of CNU. The forum was chaired by President Gong Huili.

Centered on two major issues in promoting fairness and improving quality, Prof. Gu Mingyuan made suggestions in facilitating professionalization of teachers in 6 aspects: a system required for high-level professional knowledge and technology, necessities of long term professional training and refining; necessities of higher professional ethics; capabilities in improving self professionalism; capabilities in carrying out education activities on one’s own self and one’s own necessary organizations in the industry. Shen Jie, principal of Capital Normal University High School, addressed the audience his way of thinking and ideas as principal about aspects of respecting, motivating, and accomplishing teachers. He briefed on years of practice and achievements. Song Jidong, principal of Primary School Attached to CNU, filled in the participants on efforts made by the school administration in cultivating its teachers in forming ideas like good teachers are a decisive factor in school’s future, destiny and pace of growth.

Party Secretary Zheng E delivered a report on “Creating a Joint Community of CNU with Basic Education Facilities to Comprehensively Improve Quality in Talents Training”. Secretary Zheng talked about the ideas of the university in stepping up teachers education reform in the four aspects such as the generalities and challenges of CNU’s involvement in serving basic education; building the CNU’s interior ecological systems for basic education services; comprehensively improving quality in training normal college students; and being devoted to building ecological systems in basic education.

Gou Zhongwen, secretary of the Education Work Commission of the Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that with unique advantages and traits in teachers’ education, CNU, through years of efforts in exploratory practice, has contributed extensively to basic education and teachers’ education in the capital. He hopes that CNU will, down the road, redefine itself in its school-running practice and try to bring forward even more excellent teachers by prioritizing resources allocation and actively engaging itself in comprehensive education reform in the capital. At the forum, Secretory Gou talked about his understanding and thoughts about how CNU should do to beef up its reform in basic education and teachers education in the capital city. He expressed his three hopes in bringing out practical changes to comprehensive reform in its education in the capital, namely, centering its work on students and teachers by sticking to its own traits.

President Gong stated in his closing statement that CNU must try its best to make a lot more new contributions to the balanced quality basic education in the capital by following what Secretary Gou has suggested in his speech to work in joint efforts so as to live up to the great expectation of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government.