The League Committee threw 4 shows for students graduating from CNU to create the most beautiful “Summer Morning Graduation Season”2015-06-17

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On June 14, a series of events kicked off for the “Summer Morning Graduation Season” at CNU grounds. Three spectacular shows were staged at the Students’ Activities Center and Summer Morning Square such as the concert proper to band music for graduation season in the name of “Music Moves Teachers and Students”, the grand gala named “Never Say Good-bye” at the Summer Morning Square for the graduation season, and the individual concert for friends series. The shows were attended by a total of close to 3,000 viewers with leaders such as Deputy Party Secretary Miu Jinxiang, and others from Students’ Division, Admissions and Employment Division, Department for Graduate Students Work, Communist Youth League Committee, and relevant institutes and departments, as well as representatives of graduating students from various departments and alumini representatives.

Joint played by students of the band and representatives of the band alumini, the concert proper to band music for graduation season in the name of “Music Moves Teachers and Students”, was jointly conducted Wang Linlin, band master of China National Symphony Orchestra and Liu Wendong, aluminum from the Conservatory of CNU. The concert presented to its audience band music piece in various kinds and styles, such as prize-winning pieces from the band’s classics, master pieces from China and abroad, and sound tracks from movies, thus closing up the gap between elegant art and its audience.

After the concert, the grand gala, “Never Say Good-bye”, for graduation season kicked off at the Summer Morning Square. This was the evening party CNU threw especially for graduating students leaving school for the first time. With the lifting of curtain on Magic Date in the Meridian Gate synchronous flash, Tomorrow, the graduation theme piece originated by Mr. Wu Jiaji, the famous composer, was played by Tan Zhifang and Yu Wanshuai to the audience for the first time. At the evening party, excellent performances were successively presented by the symphonic band, chorus, Beijing Opera Troup, Repertory, and the Dancing Troup from Liangxiang School Zone. Programs with great originalities were also presented to the spectators like A Cappella, guitar playing and singing, and Hip-hop by clubs with special traits such as 3239 Club, Six-stringed Guitar Club from Fine Arts Institute, and Star Wing Dancing Troup from Institute of Politics and Law. Deputy Party Secretary Miu Jinxiang offered his graduation blessings to all graduating students after the evening party was over.

Tang Ruchun, a graduating student from Life Sciences Institute, was a lead singer for the individual concert of the friends’ series. She and the friends she had met on various occasions like Students Council, Star of Girl Students, and University Singing Contest, sang 16 songs in concert (chorus), which were very well received by the audience.