The scholarships award ceremony and a good deeds report from “Youth Role Models” was held at CNU2015-05-04

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On April 30, the 2013-2014 calendar year scholarships award ceremony and a good deeds report from “Youth Role Models” was held at CNU. Present at the event were administrators from CNU such as Party Secretary Zheng E, President Gong Huili, Deputy Party Secretary Miu Jinxiang, Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee Pan Liang, Vice President Meng Fanhua, and Vice President Li Youzeng. The ceremony was chaired by Deputy Party Secretary Miu Jinxiang. A total of over 300 teachers and students at CNU were present at the ceremony.

 At the ceremony, President Gong Huili announced the “Decision on Honoring the 2013-2014 Calendar Year Students with Scholarships”. A total of 5837 students at CNU received scholarships, of whom 24 (students) got National Scholarships, 342 received National Motivational Scholarships, 8 were awarded Jinbao Scholarships, 20 got Shangpu Scholarships and 5443 scholarships from CNU.

 Besides, the selection of the sixth “Youth Role Models” kicked off at CNU. Through proceedings like candidates referral and network review, 10 “Youth Role Models” were selected like Yang Shichang, a student from Institute of Politics and Law. The participation administrators of CNU handed the awards to representatives of the award winners.

 Party Secretary Zheng made very positive comments on the 10 “Youth Role Models” and all award-winning students. Meanwhile, she addressed all young students at the university with four wished: first and foremost, having firm beliefs with great ambitions; secondly, being pragmatic with hard work; thirdly, being innovative with sound practice; and lastly, making good returns to society with a heart of gratitude.