May 4th Honors Awarding” and Youth Singing Contest “Songs of Glory” was held at CNU2015-05-06

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On May 4th, an event was held at CNU, namely, the 2015 “May 4th Honors Awarding” and Youth Singing Contest “Songs of Glory”. Present at the event were Party Secretary Zheng E, Deputy Party Secretary Miu Jinxiang and Xu Zhihong.

 At the event, outstanding collectives were awarded such honorable titles as “May 4th” Red Flag League Committee, Civilized Youth, Outstanding League Branch, and Outstanding Class Collective. Outstanding individuals were awarded such titles as Outstanding Student Leader of CNU, Merit Student, Excellent League Member and Youth Role Model.

 Party Secretary Zheng E, on behalf on the Party Committee of CNU, sent her holiday greetings to all League members at CNU. She placed her hopes on all League members to make constant progress by learning from advanced collectives and individuals awarded the honors on “May 4th”. Also, she hoped that upward youthful vitality of students at CNU would be shown through ways of celebrations like singing contests.

 Nearly 200 young teachers and students of 19 choruses from institutes (departments) were joining in the contest. Two institutes, Pre-school Education Institute and Elementary Education Institute, were awarded the First Prize for Group A. Four Institutes from Liangxiang School Zone were awarded First Prize for Group B.