Leaders from Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission came to CNU for talks2015-05-08

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On May 6, Hu Wenliang, Party Secretary of BMSTC and the entourage came to CNU for an informal discussion. Party secretary Zheng E, President Gong Huili and Vice President Zhou Jianshe were present at the talks.

 Party Secretary Hu and the entourage were filled in with generalities of the university over the years about the setting-up of disciplinaries, talents inviting, bases construction and various rewards filing at different levels and reports by supervisors from 5 important labs (engineering centers) at CNU designated by BMSTC on the construction of these labs as well as the progress in science research.

 Leaders from Regulations Division, Foundation Office, and Rewards Office of BMSTC addressed their work-related duties and put forward their suggestions on science research of CNU.

 Party Secretary Hu addressed the meeting with BMSTC’s intention to establish platforms to serve national strategic innovation ambitions, scientific and technological achievements converting platforms, and innovators gathering platforms. He pointed out that universities and college should carry out the guidelines raised by Party Secretary Guo Jinlong, namely, “to set up platforms, gather talents and accept assignments so as to achieve fruitful results”, in an attempt to facilitate the co-operation between enterprises and science and technology research institutions and stimulate innovative vitalities in order to induce major technological achievements.

 Party Secretary Zheng indicated that CNU would further refining its disciplinaries, integrating its platforms, facilitating interdisciplinary integrations of arts and sciences and hook-ups between science research and technological development by tackling its own potentials in creative innovations. She expected further guidance and support from BMSTC.