Joint on-campus research was conducted by the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang (RCCK) and those of RCCK’s municipal party committee2015-05-21

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On May 15, a site research was conducted on the campus of CNU by joint efforts of RCCK members and those of RCCK’s municipal party committee “for China’s excellent traditional culture to prevail on campus”. Talks were held by the research crew with representatives of teachers and students from the Institute of Literature, the History Institute and the Conservatory as well as leaders from various functions such as Students’ Division and the League Committee. Around the various disciplinaries such as literature, history, music, dancing, calligraphy, and the Chinese culture, the research crew learned about the generalities of China’s excellent traditional culture being spread on the campus over the years, activities with peculiarities, ideas of work and reflections at CNU. The talks were chaired by Miu Jinxiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of CNU.