The event was held at CNU of Cultural Week of National Folk Songs and Dances in “Dream-seeking and Root-seeking”2015-05-27

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Between May 21 and 24, an event was held at CNU for elegant art to enter the campus in Beijing in 2015, namely an event of “Dream and Root Seeking” was held at CNU of cultural week of national folk songs and dances. The event drew a spectacular crowd of close to 10,000 people including administrators like Zheng E, secretary of the Party Committee; Wang Jun, director of the Division of Physical Education, Health and Art of Beijing Municipality and Zhang Jinghua, director of the Management Center for Student Activities in Beijing; students of various national minorities, foreign students, and aid-receiving students of CNU; high school and primary teachers and students from the neighborhood as well as those from the Youth Palace.

The event was directed by Yu Daxue and He Ting, a couple of young teachers from the Institute of Conservatory of CNU. It fell into two parts: the Cultural Square for China National Folk Songs and Dances of CNU and Dream & Root Seeking – the grand get-together of China National Folk Songs and Dances of CNU, where 6 artistic presentations has been carefully chosen out of the national minorities such as Uighurs, Tibetans, Kazakhs, Mongolians, Yi people, Koreans and Dai people. These participating performers included 130 students from the Dancing Major of the Institute of Conservatory, the dancing troupe of CNU, the dancing troupes of the Pre-school Education Institute and that of the Affiliated High School, and nearly 100 students of national minorities from 16 institutes (departments). Such an event is a combination of folk art in its original state with stagecraft, a cultural event which indicates the blend of the culture of the national minorities with performing arts. The event was reported by related new media such as Guang Ming Daily and Chinese Educational News Network.