The new book release of “Blue Eastern Europe” and seminar of the research/studies of Eastern European Poetry2015-06-01

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On May 29, the event took place for the new book release of “Blue Eastern Europe” – “Meeting at the Endless Second Space”and the seminar for the studies of Eastern European Poetry. The dignitaries were present at the event, such as Jidimaja, deputy Chair of Chinese Writers’ Association, secretary of the Section for secretaries and poet; leaders from the Research Center of Chinese Poetry and Flower City Publishing House as well as famous poets and scholars like Zhang Qinghua, Ouyang Jianghe, and Wang Jiaxin. The event was co-sponsored by the Center for Studies of Chinese Poetry and Flower City Publishing House.

 The book series of Eastern European literature, “Blue Eastern Europe”, was a program sponsored by the National Publishers’ Foundation of the Flower City Publishing House, an important national publishing program of “the 12th 5-year-plan”. The editor-in-charge of the book series if Mr. Gao Xing, chief editor of World Literature, and an expert on Eastern European Literature, who plans to import 100 exquisite works of the Eastern Europe since the 20th century, including internationally famous writers like Kadare, Klima and Herbert. Very positive comments have been made by literature lovers from all walks of life since the publication of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions of the book series in 2012, 2014 and 2015. The 3rd edition of the newest release has recorded the Second Space, the anthology by Milosz (translated by Zhou Weichi), and Endless, the anthology by Zagajewski (translated by Li Yiliang).

 At the seminar, the participants had a deep discussion on the achievements in Eastern European poetry and literature, Milosz and Zagajewski, the two famous Polish poets and their works.