CNU achieved very good results at the 2014 disciplinaries contest of undergraduate students in Beijing Municipality2015-06-12

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On April 29, hosted by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, the awards-presenting event for the 2014 disciplinaries contests of undergraduate students in Beijing Municipality was held at the report hall of the library of North China University of Technology. Huang Kan, member of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and leaders related from Education Bureaus of 5 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in the Northeast gave the award-winning students the awards.

In the calendar year of 2014, over 130 undergraduate students from CNU entered the finals of various disciplinaries contests in Beijing, of whom 83 students got the 3rd or above the 3rd prizes at the municipal level and they won the 1st prizes for the Physics Experiments Contest and the Chemistry Experiments Contest. Based on these achievements, CNU participated in 13 national disciplinaries contests like “Challenge Cup” and Computer Simulation. At these contests, there were 70 undergraduates who were awarded the 3rd place or above 3dr place prizes, of whom there were 14 who got first prizes. These achievements were the best of the CNU’s past entries in recent years.

At the event, Associate Professor Su Bo from the Physics Department of CNU made a speech as the only supervising teacher for the contest.