Conclusion of Graduate Students’ Enrollment at CNU2015-06-11

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Recently, the enrollment of CNU has been done. Information concerning enrollment, etc. has been made accessible to the public; supervision of re-tests have been enforced with audio and video recording of the entire process of the re-tests so as to ensure the standardized transparency of the enrollment in strict conformity with related policies. The plans of enrollment of graduate students of various majors have been formulated and perfected at the Institute of Graduate Students in CNU.

 In 2015, CNU has witnessed the enrollment of 2,437 graduate students of all kinds of majors, which is a 4.1% increase over last year. Of all the graduates admitted, there are 156 doctoral graduate students, 1890 MS/MA graduate students and 291 vocational students. Among all the doctoral and MS/MA graduate students admitted, there is an impressive percentage of 85% and that of 56.7% form institutions of higher learning at and above the provincial and ministerial levels.