A professor from Chemistry Department of CNU published his important research achievements in the top international materials journal2015-04-28

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On April 23, Advance Materials, AM (Influential factors 15.409), one of the top international materials journal, carried, on the online network, the academic paper Perovskite Microdisk Microlasers Self-assembled from Solution. This paper is one of the research achievements completed by Chemistry Department as the first institution with the help of Hu Ke and Fu Hongbing, both MS graduate students from the Chemistry Department of CNU under the supervision of Professor Liao Qing, and one of the newest achievements by Prof. Liao from Chemistry Department of CNU at “One of Important Labs of Beijing Municipality for Materials and Instruments with Optical Functions in Beijing Municipality”. The research was sponsored by programs like Program 973 of Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC (2011CB808402, 2013CB933500), National Natural Science Foundation of China (91222203, 21273251, 91333111, 21190034, 21221002) and the program for innovative groups in the “research of Organic Micro-nano Crystalline Materials and Instruments” in Beijing Municipality.

The research acquired the Perovskite micron-chips structure by the application of one step self-assembled from solution. The establishment of such a method has provided a new orientation and way of research of Perovskite, a brand new material.