The 30th Best Campus-singer Contest Staged2015-01-04

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The finals of the 30th Best Campus-singer Contest themed Sing for Dream, or the closing ceremony of this year’s Month for Art, was staged on Dec. 30 . Wang Chaoyu, a student from the School of Literature won the first place. Next to him was Xu Tingfei(from the School of Sciences) and Jin Xinlei(from the Elementary Educational College) got the third. Audience included Mrs. Zhangxue, the Party-secretary of Capital Normal University, Miao Jinxiang, the Deputy Party- secretary of CNU, students invited from 30-plus other universities in Beijing, former contest participants, and other 700 teachers and students. This year’s competition was a first for a second spot to be introduced as a form of assisting performance together with cyber micro movies. The performance was live through the campus net.