CNU Held a Meeting on Its Chinese Website Revision2015-01-10

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CNU held a meeting on its Chinese website revision in Room 815 at the east district of the campus. The revision group attended the meeting, including office director Liu Jia, Ge Xinhao, chief of statistical department and other 18 group members. The meeting was held by the deputy director Liu Chang.

Liu Chang, the deputy director, made a brief introduction on the history of the CNU’s Chinese website revision and new tasks of the upcoming revision. Ge Xinhao, chief of statistical department, introduced the management and operation process in details to maintain the new edition of the Chinese website.

Liu Jia, an office director, stressed on the principle and significance of website development in the age of mega data, and made three advices on the upcoming revision. First, we should pay high attention to maintaining and managing the website, because the website development is a reflection of our features and level of school running. Second,we should highlight the responsibility to develop the website under the principle of running school according to the law. Each department should open its information to the public and accept the social supervision. Third, we should publicize the tasks to the whole departments, thus the departments will make cooperations to carry out the task of website revision.

At last, he extended his gratitude to all members and hoped the task of website revision will be developed successfully.