College entrance exam reform and discipline development innovation work meeting2015-01-19

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CNU held a work meeting on college entrance exam reform and discipline development innovation. President Gong Huili, Deputy party secretary Miao Jinxiang and vice president Zhou Jianshe attended the meeting.

President Gong says at the meeting faculties should take reform in a rational way, adopt multiple measures, and step up efforts to train talents, improve the quality of talent development and strengthen core competitiveness. Efforts should be made in 3 areas. First, be student-centered and develop talent nurturing plan based on reality. Pay attention to student development, the learning process and learning effects to enable students to learn by themselves. Second, attract more excellent teachers to teach in the university. Third, integrate the development of discipline and major, teaching and research team, and the nurturing of undergraduate and post graduate students.

President Gong proposed 8-point suggestions based on CNU reality. First, encourage professors to be in charge of undergraduate majors and take on more tasks in discipline development. Second, implement undergraduate tutorial system and encourage renowned professors to be undergraduate supervisors. Third, integrate the development of undergraduate and post graduate students and take into overall account of employment and enrollment. Fourth, create an international environment through exchanges with high-level universities overseas and matching courses to enhance the quality of the students. Fifth, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities at home and abroad through high level undergraduate talent cross development plan. Carry out cooperation in the forms of inter-university alliance, university-business alliance and course alliance to provide good conditions for talent training. Sixth, give priority to introducing excellent graduates from famous universities home and abroad, create a good culture and make undergraduate student development more efficient. Seventh, develop discipline development plan with distinctive features in line with realities and enhance the social influence of subjects. Eighth, launch substantive performance evaluation and encourage teachers to focus on teaching and talent development.