4 professors selected into the 7th subject review panel of the State Council Degree Committee2015-03-09

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The State Council Degree Committee announced the members of its 7th subject review panel and 4 experts from CNU has been selected into the panel: Meng Fanhua in pedagogy (specialty: education policy research), Zuo Donglin in Chinese language and literature( specialty: Ancient Chinese Literature), Gong Huili in geography( specialty: environment remote-sensing) and Gao Ping in music and dance( specialty: composition and composition technique and theory).

The panel is an academic group guided by the State Council Degree Committee. It engages in consultancy, research, supervision and review in the area of degree and postgraduate education. Members of the panel are recommended by universities and selected by the State Council Degree Committee. Those are experts and scholars with high academic reputation, rich experience in supervising PHD candidates and outstanding achievements in teaching and research. The panelists are hired by the State Council Degree Committee upon notifying the State Council and have a 4-year term. Based on the subjects in which the degrees are conferred, several panels are set up for a tier one subject or several similar tier one subjects.