CNU students win gold award in the 5th national tourism souvenir design competition 2015-03-16

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Design for China’s image---the 5th national tourism souvenir design competition organized by China National Arts and Crafts Society was held in Beijing. The competitions got over 1900 entries from various sectors and industries as well as universities across the country including HK, Macao and Taiwan. 450 entries passed the first 2 rounds of evaluation to enter the final competition. The R&D team from Visual Design and Education Research Institute of CNU College of Fine arts won good results from the competition. Sprout ? Rhythm by Peng Fan won gold prize. Cloisonné scarf by Meng Xi won bronze prize and Beijing image by Wang Min won excellent prize. Tang Yijia, Jiang Chao, Peng fan and Meng Xi has 6 entries that are shortlisted into the final competition. This is another research achievement guided by professor Li Zhongyang following the top prize won in the competition of National dream?China Dream---the symbol for the spring festival