Work meeting on teaching for the new semester2015-03-19

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CNU held a work meeting on teaching for the new semester. Vice President Meng Fanhua says at the meeting that the university must take talent development as its fundamental task and top priority, make teaching undergraduates its core. He points out 3 areas to focus teaching efforts. First, Positioning and awareness. Arousing students’ awareness of life and inspiring their spirit should be the evaluation standard. The development of innovative talents should be seen through angles of “awareness and reflection”, “mixing and overlapping” and “initialization”. Second, integration of majors and disciplines. The development of majors, talent development and discipline development are mutually reinforcing, which should be fully recognized. Third, explorative study. Core concepts such as developing innovative talents through MOOC and integrating the development of majors and disciplines should be integrated into teaching, and an explorative approach should be adopted in teaching activities