7 faculty members selected into the talent list of Beijing cultural system2015-03-31

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The 2nd talent list of Beijing cultural system has been published and 7 CNU faculty members are on the list. Cai Chun from Education College, Deng Jingli from History College and Tian Guoxiu from College of Law and Political Science are listed as talents in theoretic study; Gao Ping from Music College, Wu Mingdi from College of Fine Arts and Xie Xiaoqing from Institute of Calligraphy and Culture are listed as talents in arts; Zhang Lei from Chinese Newspaper Publisher are listed as talent from publishing community.

Beijing talent list is an important initiative by the Beijing Promotion Commission to help build up a team of cultural talents. It is aimed to select and nurture high level talents in theoretic study, press, publishing, culture and arts to turn this talent development program into a brand name and provide strong talent support for Beijing’s cultural programs. Since the program’s launch in 2009, CNU has attached great importance to talent selection and development. So far, 12 CNU faculties have been selected into the list, including 7 in theoretic study, 4 in arts and 1 in publishing.