The first national seminar of righteous thoughts meditation held at Education Institute of CNU2015-04-10

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On April 8, the first national seminar on righteous thoughts meditation was held at CNU. This seminar was hosted by the Committee on Clinical and Consultative Psychology and the Committee on Psychological Popularization of the Chinese Psychological Society and it was handled by the Education Institute of CNU. Present at the seminar were over 100 scholars from psychological, medical, educational and military institutions such as National Center for Women and Children’s Health, China CDC, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and Consultation Centers on Staff Members’ Psychological Health of the Central State Organs.

The theme of the seminar was “Righteous Thoughts and Emotions”. The attending experts delivered reports on related topics and intervention training centered on righteous thoughts meditation. Meanwhile, in order to encourage the meditation related research, “Awards for Academic Papers of Graduate Students” were set up and three award winners were chosen.