Leaders from China Scholarship Council came to CNU for Inspectional Studies2015-04-03

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On March 30, a group of leaders headed by Wang Shenggang, Deputy Secretary General of China Scholarship Council and Mao Dongmin, Deputy Director of China Visiting Division of the Ministry of Education, came to visit the Base of Preparatory Majors Funded by Scholarships of the Chinese Government. Vice President Shen Qianfan accompanied the group during the visit.

The group headed by Deputy Secretary General Wang was filled in on the info of the university provided by Vice President Shen, who addressed the group info on international students coming to study in China and teaching for preparatory majors programs. The group conducted classroom visits and had talks with teachers and students.

The group of leaders from China Scholarship Council entered classrooms for inspection and held cordial talks with teachers and students. Each and every one of the students on the preparatory majors program expressed in fluent Chinese their thanks and gratitude to the Chinese government, detailing them about how they felt about their life while studying at CNU.

Deputy Secretary Wang pointed out the implementation of preparatory majors program funded by scholarships from the Chinese government is of great importance in ensuring the quality of teaching of preparatory majors program supported by scholarships from the Chinese government, and in creating China’s own brand names in its higher education. He was impressed with the efficiencies and achievements in a short period of time by CNU. He wished that CNU would forge ahead to achieve greater success down the road.