A young teacher from Chemistry Department of CNU published his science and technological achievements in the world famous journal2015-04-03

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Recently, Dr. Lin Yuqing, a young teacher from Chemistry Department published his research achievements in the journal, Analytical Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry 2015,87,3404-3411, SCI-first rate journal with influential factor 5.825), a top journal in the analytical domain. The research papers listed CNU as the first institution for the research with Dr. Lin as correspondent author. By the application of soft synthesis, he was able to develop a new type of organic carbon quantum point fluorescent probes in the process of hybridization of CoOOH, which have been successfully used in the tests of ascorbic acid in the brain dialysate in the animal’s cerebral ischemia. These research results have drawn attention from his international peers. Dr. Lin was invited to deliver his report at the annual European Seminar on Electric Analytic Chemistry in Malmo of Sweden.