CNU signed an agreement on regional education co-operation with Tongzhou District2015-04-02

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On March 31, a ceremony for CNU to sign a regional education co-operation with Tongzhou District was held. Leaders were present at the event such as Gou Zhongwen, Secretary of Education Work Commission, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Zheng Dengwen, Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Commission, Yang Bin, Party Secretary of Tongzhou District, District Director Yue Peng, Party Secretary Zheng E, President Gong Huili, and Vice President Meng Fanhua of CNU.

At the event, President Gong and Director Yue signed the Tentative Agreement on Regional Education Development Co-operation between the People’s Government of Tongzhou District and Capital Normal University. Also, Zhang Shaowu, Director of Education Commission of Tongzhou District, and Sheng Jie, Principal of Affiliated Middle School of CNU, signed “An Agreement of Co-operation between Education Commission of Tongzhou District and the Affiliated Middle School of CNU”. The signing of these two agreements marked the official start ups of educational co-ops between CNU and Tongzhou District.

After the event was done, the administrators of CNU went to Tongzhou District School Facilities of the Affiliated Middle School of CNU for an inspection. They worked at the site office to speed up the campus construction.