X-ray CT Research Team Research Findings Published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging2018-10-10

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  Recently, the X-ray CT research team got their latest research published in the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging online with the title “Accurate iterative FBP reconstruction method for material decomposition of dual energy CT”. The author Li Mengfei, Zhao Yunsong and Zhang Peng are from the School of Mathematical Science and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Imaging Technology. Li Mengfei and Zhao Yunsong were both PhD students of the CNU supervised by Professor Zhang Peng. After graduation, Zhao Yunsong was promoted to teach at the CNU and has become an outstanding scholar in his research field.

  The X-ray CT research team was set up in 2003 by Professor Zhang Peng. For more than a decade, Zhang Peng led the team to consistently adhere to social-economical demands and insist on the concept of the combination of “production, teaching, research and application”. The renewal research and teaching idea deeply promoted talent training and scientific research. Distinguished achievements in theories and techniques of CT imaging have been made. The research findings were published in international top journals such as the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, the SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences, the Optics Express, the Medical Physics and the Physics in Medicine & Biology. Based on theory and technical innovation, the X-ray CT research team developed multiple types of CT imaging devices which satisfies the urgent detection and imaging needs in national defense, high-tech enterprises and research institutions. The research center has trained 18 PhD students and 30 graduates. Many outstanding graduates are working at famous institutes, universities and high-tech enterprises. Increasing number of graduates are becoming key members or have lead key positions in universities or enterprises. Mathematics and IT graduate students have gained a good reputation and influence for the CNU.