Chemistry Professors get published in ACS Nano2018-06-15

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    Professor Liao Qing and Fu Hongbin from the Department of Chemistry published a thesis titled Cluster-Mediated Nucleation and Growth of J- and H-Type Polymorphs of Difluoroboron Avobenzone for Organic Microribbon Lasers in the renowned ACS Nano. In this, they proposed a new thought of designing micro-nano coherent light source particularly to control the nucleation and growth of small organic molecules through a program and thus develop crystal-dependent blue and green micron laser. For the said finding, Professor Liao Qing serves as both the first author and corresponding author, Professor Fu Hongbin is a corresponding author while the Department of Chemistry is the first attribution organization.

    ACS Nano is a flagship periodical of American Chemical Society (ACS), with an impact factor up to 13.942 in 2016. It gathers and publishes the best papers in Chemistry, devoting to provide an international and superior platform for academic communications among all chemical research workers.

  The research has received financial support from the Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), The Innovation Team of Beijing, The Great Wall Scholar Cultivation Program of Beijing, the CNU Yanjing Scholar Program and the CNU Youth Innovation Team Program and it was conducted on the platform provided by the Department of Chemistry and the Key Optical Device Laboratory of Beijing.